Technorati Tag: F6GPV9USP3FB – Technorati Tag: 9SKQBW78P93N Well the day has finally come, it’s time for us to enter our very first Tenerife Holidays blog post. This is where we hope to keep you updated of all the goings on and fun we are having in our quest for Tenerife domination. One of us will try to update this section at least once every couple of days. Basicly anything that we do that may interest you we will add to this section. That could be news from our day, anyone interesting we may have been speaking to regarding Tenerife, promotion news and of cause we will use this section to bring you the best deals on Tenerife holidays from our many advertisers.

This week we have been busy updating the website with a much information as possible. While we are happy that the information we have is nearly complete their is always room for improvement so our content team are busy writing as we speak to enable to us add better gudes and more hotels to our fantastic website.

We have set up a twitter page and have started to tweet some of our activity. This is an area we really hope to grow, at the moment we have a grand total of 0 followers so obviously their is alot of room for improvement here (watch this space). If anyone is interested in following us for the latest info you can do so @tenerifehol. We also have a Facebook page but we wont give you details on that yet as that is a work in progress, as soon as this is completed we will update you right here on our blog.

One thing we are excited about is our latest travel news section which was launched this week. This will be updated 7 days a week with the latest news and information from Tenerife and Tenerife holidays. We already have 2 great news artilces on there and look forward to watching this section expand over the coming weeks.

So thats it for today, we are working so very hard to establish this site as the market leader for holidays in Tenerife. We have some press releases ready to go out over the next few days so things are really starting to move. Really exciting times for the team here at!

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