As you will know if you follow this blog the Tenerife Holidays website is reasonably new (that does not mean to say we are inexperienced in travel – we have been involved in travel for years now and our busy Greek holiday website is the UK’s most popular dedicated Kefalonia website..not that we’re bragging:)).

Anyway, as we look to grow we will be undertaking a number of press release’s to help get the website out in front of viewing public and hopefully to grab the attention of the national press.

Yesterday, on the 12th of Jan 2011 we sent out our first release for publication and were very pleased to see a number of the top UK press websites pick it up and run with our launch story – not a bad start at all for a start-up travel website!

We expected a slow start to the day but were very pleased to see the phone buzzing with interest from people looking for information on our new website.

Possibly the most interesting call of all was from huge international airline Ryanair who had a representative call that the afternoon. It turns out that they had spotted our press release and apparently realised that we have the potential to do interesting things in the Tenerife travel market.

Ryanair are one of the top airlines with routes to Tenerife from many UK airports and will no doubt be flying many of our customers to the island as we grow. It is always nice to hear from people in the industry and we look forward to working with them to further promote holidays and flights to Tenerife and additionally to the other Canary islands.

We would like to say thank you to Ryanair for lifting our confidence and look forward to sending many passengers your way!

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