When you think of pyramids you’ll automatically think of Egypt and the pharaohs, and you’ll be forgiven for thinking that black pyramids are some kind of ancient Egyptian structure for this kind of thing. However, the black pyramids are actually a feature of Tenerife!

If you’re staying in the sunny resort of the Santa Cruz then you’ll definitely want to head down to Guimar, which is roughly 26 kilometres away and it’s here that you’ll find the beautiful black pyramids tucked away in an Ethnographic park. These six pyramids were created with lava stone and without any mortar at all. They date back to the 19th century and originally there were nine of them, but three of them were unfortunately demolished. There were others at various points on the island, but now the ones in Guimar are the only ones that remain and as such they’re a really popular tourist attraction.

Like Stonehenge, no-one really knows what they’re there for and also like Stonehenge there are lots of links to astronomy there. Some people say that if you stand on top of the central pyramid at summer solstice then you’ll see a double sunset. Others say they were part of the ceremonial rights of the Guanches who used to live in the area. All around the area there is evidence of extinct volcanoes and there are lots of lava structures all over, including the magnificent Montana Grande volcanic cone. This is an amazing day out and the exhibition centre has lots of interesting information, or you could simply explore the park and marvel at the wonders.

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