A new bioclimatic village and visitors centre that has opened in Tenerife last year is set to provide accommodation and facilities for small corporate groups and business travellers who visit the beautiful Canary Island country. The village opened in the middle of last year and it offers 25 different homes as accommodation for guests and also a large auditorium which they credit as being perfect for conferences and team building exercises. The accommodation in the village only opened last month, however, after growing demand for places to stay in the village as more and more business groups were captivated by its charm and location. Now several small groups at a time can stay in the village for their conferences and spend several nights there if they wish.

Behind the development of this lovely village is the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies (ITRE) which was founded by the Tenerife government. The village is located in the picturesque district of Granadilla and all the houses are made from ecological resources, in keeping with ITRE’s philosophies, and are completely self sufficient- this means that they don’t rely on any outside energy sources at all to run. They have been hailed as the “green architecture of the future” and are completely zero carbon when it comes to emissions. This project is hoped to encourage the businesses who stay there for their training conferences to think about the sustainable practises that are used there through the house rental and training facilities and maybe take some of the ideas back with them to implement into their business.

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