Tenerife is a really popular place for people wanting to get away from the harsh winter seasons to a country where the sun is always shining and 2010 was no exception where this was concerned. The Canary Island getaway saw over one and a half million British tourists in the months of January to November in 2010, and this is an 8.6% increase in guests since 2009. This is great news for the country and it’s hoped that now two direct airlines to Tenerife from the UK have opened that even more visitors will flock to this beautiful area.

In March 2011, EasyJet are starting a new direct flight from Bristol to Tenerife, and Jet2.com are starting a new Glasgow to Tenerife route expected to take to the skies in April 2011. It’s hoped that a successful 2011 tourist rise and the addition of these new flight plans will give the Tenerife Tourist Corporation a great increase in British custom. As always they’re expecting a large number of tourists over the summer months, but they are hoping to keep just the same level of visitors in the winter months as well as people go there to escape the bitter British weather.

Factors like the new Clash of the Titans moving being filmed in Tenerife and the Ambra Golf and Spa resort gaining their first Michelin star are also said to be encouraging the new flood of guests, and Tenerife definitely seems to be gaining popularity.

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