The royal wedding of the gorgeous Prince William and his long term girlfriend Miss Kate Middleton is happening on April the 29th and people all around the UK are buzzing about the potential for an extended weekend with the promise of a bank holiday following the day of their wedding. This has been confirmed for many workers all over the country, even in the NHS, and studies have shown that searches for holiday abroad have increased by 212% for this week in April!

In the first two weeks of January, searches for holidays in the sunny island of Tenerife had increased by 154% with people wanting a trip away during the week of the royal ceremony. People seem to have really jumped at the chance for a week in the sun during the slightly warmer, but still chilly, April month and the Royal wedding has given people a chance at that extra no strings attached holiday. Often people would have to use up their leave for this kind of impromptu trip, but the Royal wedding has given them an extended weekend to enjoy away without having to dip into their carefully monitored holiday leave.

However, people aren’t just using the Royal wedding as a way of escaping Britain and studies have shown that searches for trips to London from America during this wedding week have been up by 189%, showing that whilst there will be a strong flood of people leaving, there’ll be an even bigger one coming in!

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