The hit dating show “Take me out” returned to our screens this week and for those who haven’t seen it it’s like a modern version of Blind Date where a panel of women have to vote on whether or not they fancy a man who has to do all he can to pitch himself to the girls on the show. Presenting the show is comedian Paddy McGuiness who is certainly not set to become a contestant on his show anytime soon as he swans off to Tenerife to join his stunning fiancée Christine Martin who is a former Miss Liverpool turned model.

Christine has been in Tenerife since before Christmas and people have been snapping shots of the model beauty in her bikini ever since! It’s believed that Paddy had to wait until after the filming on his show was complete before he could rush out to join her. The pair have been engaged since December 2009 and although Christine has been badgering him about a date, Paddy admits that he is reluctant to set an exact date just yet and wants to enjoy being engaged first.

Like many who go to the gorgeous island of Tenerife Christine has wasted no time at all topping up her tan and if the photos are anything to go buy she won’t need to be reaching for the bottle of spray on anytime soon as the Tenerife sun has given her a beautiful healthy glow that even money can’t buy.

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