If you’re looking to travel to Tenerife this February to avoid the cold weather in Britain, then a stop in Santa Cruz would definitely be a great idea- because during February it’s carnival time! This exciting festival is an annual event and is really popular with the locals and the tourists. Copying the sequined and feathered style of the Rio mardi gras festival this is an amazing spectacle that is sure to make a fantastic holiday away- there’s some wonderful floats in the parade as well, so be sure to stop by for that. The Mardi gras feel is well founded too, as the Santa Cruz area is twinned with Rio because of the carnival events to two hold!

The festival lasts for several days and everyone is dressed up in bright costumes and dancing the nights and days away and even if you just see the opening parade you’ll have seen something special and it’s like something out of an exotic fantasy land. The first day of the festival is dedicated purely to dancing, so be sure to join in the fun in the streets. This festival lasts right through to Ash Wednesday when the Canarians celebrate the entierro de la sardine. During the festival time there are live bands and performers on stages all over the town and lots of the restaurants and bars get involved in the celebrations.

The final day, the entierro de la sardine is also known as the burial of the sardine. It highlights the end of the carnival fun and is treated very much like a funeral as life turns back to normal. A large effigy of a sardine is paraded through the streets and then set alight on the beach with a spectacular firework display. However, it’s not normal for long as the weekend after is Piñata where people dress up in fancy dress and have amazing parties!

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