There’s no denying that Tenerife is a major hot spot for sun loving party goers to head off to when they want a bit of fun and laughter in the sun, and what better time to experience this than as a celebration of leaving single life before your wedding? It seems that in recent years more and more people are taking to this trend and reports from flights companies have shown that there has been a 115% increase in hen nights and stag parties going to the Canary Island of Tenerife! Lloret de Mar in Spain, which, whilst it isn’t exactly close to the Canaries (well, it’s at the opposite side of Spain for a start and, if Google maps serves us right, roughly 2600 km away!) was also one of the top Hen destinations with over 11.39% of all hen night’s abroad going there. Even though we’re all about Tenerife Holidays here, we still love a bit of Spain!

The CEO of RedSeven, a popular hen and stag night organisation company, Ian Lucas explains: “Weddings are planned so far in advance, hen and stag weekends continue to be in demand. With Europe very accessible; the combination of low interest rates mixed with increased taxes creates an attractive cocktail of escapism from the doom and gloom in the UK splashed with a new found sense of adventure, sunshine and fun”

So, it just goes to show that if you want some fun and adventure in the sun before you get married you definitely want to be heading towards the Canaries!

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