Everyone knows that Tenerife is a beautiful country but now it seems it is turning into an ultra modern one too. A new campaign called ’2Teides – Tenerife’ has been launched to highlight social networking and invite users to visit the country and in particular the city of Teides.

With the internet being a massive global communication tool, it is hoped that social sites will get people talking about everything that is going on in Tenerife.

It is also hoped the idea will get tourists to come to the country and see what the city and the Teides National Park have to offer in terms of beauty and breathtaking holidays away. The campaign which began in February, will only be around until May and it is hoped that many tourists will register their location at the Teide National Park and see for themselves what the island has to offer. Not only that but they will also receive a souvenir for visiting. The social networking project which is operating through the Foursquare application, is also available through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Jose mauel Bermudez, the vice president of the Cabildo Insular de Turismo said of the campaign: ” This is very innovative and users all the power of social networks. It is a commercial tool that Tenerife should take full advantage of as a tourist destination.”

It is expected that if this project is a success there may be other instances of using social networking to promote the island and it could even become a permanent part of the tourism board’s strategy to get more people to see what Tenerife has to offer.

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