Going away on holiday with a good book is something we all love to do, and if you’re planning to escape to the sunny beaches of Tenerife this year you should definitely think about taking Jane Moore’s new book “Love is On The Air” with you to read as you lay back on a sun lounger.

The chick-lit book follows the story of Cam as she goes away on a solo holiday to the beautiful island of Tenerife in order to find herself but ends up finding her old love instead. The story has everything that we girls look for in a good holiday romance, a quirky and fun heroine, a dashing love interest, some steamy romance scenes and a helping heap of drama when Cam returns back home to hear that her holiday love has requested a song for her on the radio! The gig is up when her boyfriend Dean hears it and demands an explanation.

It’s a very good book, that’s for sure, and it will of course provide the perfect holiday distraction. However, we all know that nothing beats the real thing when it comes to holiday romance, so if you are jetting off to Tenerife in search of some Valentine’s romance this month then don’t be shy- get out there on the beaches and in the bars in the Playa de Las Americas and just have some fun!

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