Private Kayla Donnelly, aged 21, gave birth by the poolside on a Tenerife holiday this week after not realising that she was pregnant. She’d put her weight gain and body changes down to the stress of being in a war zone back in Afghanistan and only realised she was pregnant when her contractions started as she lazed by the pool in sunny Tenerife after completing a tour of duty.

She served in the deadly Helmand province in Afghanistan from March to September and it’s thought that she must have been the most heavily pregnant woman to serve in the forces at the time. She has named the baby Josh and despite being carried inside in mother in a war zone he was born healthily and without complications. The father of the child was in Afghanistan at the same time as Kayla and it’s thought that he is now back home in Manchester.

This means that Kayla unwittingly broke two rules of army service, the first being an affair with a soldier during duty and the second being expectant on the front line- as it is illegal for a pregnant woman to fight on the front line of a battle because of the obvious risks of this. However, Kayla was delighted at becoming a mother and as you can imagine it was a lovely surprise for her family when she got back home! She hasn’t commented yet on whether or not she will be returning to the army.

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