The Tenerife carnival in Santa Cruz started yesterday and already the celebrations are in full swing so the locals and the tourists who are attending are having an absolutely fabulous time. If you’re out there already, or you’re planning to head out to Santa Cruz some time during the month long festival, then here at Tenerife Holidays we have the ultimate guide to the Santa Cruz Carnival.

On the 2nd of March the Carnival Queen will be elected at a huge gala performance involving all the contestants wearing a range stunning feathered and sequined costumes and strutting their stuff with the hope of being crowned Queen for the carnival. After she has been chosen the Queen will have pride of place in the opening parade on March 4th and there will be absolutely amazing dancing and music alongside some very elaborately decorated floats and processions. The Queen then continues her duties throughout the rest of the year at special events and she will have a key role in the Burial of the Sardine on the 9th of March and at the closing ceremony on March 13th.

Other parades and events will be going on throughout the month between now and the 13th of March and you’ll certainly find something exciting to see and do every day of the carnival season be it sitting back and watching everyone in their amazing costumes, or taking part in one of the many dances and discos at the clubs and bars on the island.

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