Spain and the Canary islands have seen a huge increase in visitors in the new year period as Monarch Holidays experience a record number of bookings for flights to the sunny Spanish countries this new year. Tenerife and Mallorca took top billing in these sales with people booking loads of villa holidays in the island of Mallorca and hundreds opting for a popular Golf holiday in the island of Tenerife in resorts like the playa de las Americas were golfing is really popular. It’s also thought that the up and coming Santa Cruz Carnival will be attracting a lot of business.

The airline has now opened even more flights to the sunny countries and are offering one way flights from just £33 meaning you can save a lot of money by flying with them and then book in at one of Tenerife’s fantastic hotels to ensure that you have the best possible stay without the designer price tag getting in the way.

Hugh Morgan, managing director of tour operations for the Monarch Group, said: “Bookings for Spain and the Spanish Islands were strong in summer 2010, so the increased demand that we are seeing this year is phenomenal and proof that the Brits’ love affair with all things Spanish continues.”

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