Yesterday we posted an article about a group of Belgian students in Lanzarote who staged what cabin crew described as a “mutiny” when one of their number was told that their hand luggage was over the regulation weight. As a result, 104 people were kicked off the flight and the remaining 66 had to wait for three hours before they were allowed to re-board the flight and return home to Belgium.

However, despite this scandal causing a near-on international incident involving the Belgian foreign embassy, Ryanair are fighting back against the students in their own unique little way. The CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary- who is famed for his outlandish money saving ideas such as standing room only planes and coin operated toilets- devised a youtube video called “Master Packer” which shows how a person can fit two week’s worth of clothing into a regulation hand luggage sized bag. The tongue in cheek video was posted on their website this Thursday.

“Ryanair is today calling on Belgian universities to ensure no further embarrassing international episodes when their students travel abroad by providing them with an online tutorial in how to pack light,” spokesman Stephen McNamara said. “This tutorial will allow these students to comply with the airline policies they accept when booking a flight.”

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