Monday and Thursdays in Tenerife are now all about the dancing. Evening classes are now being held for adults of all ages to try their hand at different kinds of dancing. Whether it is the quickstep, cha cha or salsa, there are bags of fun to be had for everyone. The classes are available to people of all abilities such as professionals and amateurs and they are particularly keen to recruit people with a passion for dance. The lessons are being held at the Vamos a Bailar – the Let’s Dance studio in Callao Salvaje. The dance classes will also specialise in Ballroom and Latin dancing, so if you fancy trying your hand at something different it is open to anyone who is interested.

Learning to dance is not just about enjoying the music and rhythm but it is also a great way to get in shape and keep fit and healthy as well as making new lifelong friends. Many people believe that dancing is for the young, fit and extremely rhythmical but these classes will target anyone that has got a genuine passion for dance and transform them so they can enjoy whatever dance they want to learn and have the confidence to perform it with passion and grace. So if you’re in Tenerife anytime soon and fancy learning a little about the cha cha there is only one place to be on a Monday and Thursday night. So get your dancing shoes on and head down to Callao Salvaje and show the young ones how it is done.

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