Phase two improvements to the Wildlife Recovery Centre in Tenerife have now been completed.

Fauna Silvestre La Tahonilla in La Laguna cares for around two and a half thousand animals a year and has a vet, a technical assistant, three wildlife workers, operating room and recovery cages as well as breeding and birthing rooms. The environmental councillor Wladimir Rodriguez has also declared that the centre is the ‘best of its kind south of the Pyranees’.

The Wildlife Recovery Centre is part of the Tenerife Cabildo Biodiversity Plan for the conservation of island biodiversity. The plan provides care for wounded animals as well birds reptiles and mammals.

The new modern design of the large circular infinity cage allows birds in particular, to recover their strength more quickly.

The centre also cares for wounded and injured whales and sealife when they have been caught in nets brought in by fishermen.

The centre has an area of 1,800sq. m. Where all animals are taken to recover, be rehabilitated and eventually returned to the wild as soon as they are fit and healthy to do so.

Without the centre the amount of animals that would die because of ill health or being trapped by fishermen, residents and pleasure craft would be enormous, but now they have the chance to make a full recovery and will be nursed back to health in the best possible way. The birthing programme at the centre also means that there are healthy numbers of fit and healthy animals.

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