A few weeks ago we had an article about some rowers from Durham university attempting to break the rowing record for rowing from Tenerife to Barcelona in just over a month and so far we’re happy to report that Team Hallin have passed the 1,500 mile half way point and are well into their third quarter of the journey. At www.teamhallin.co.uk you can continue to follow their progress and even donate to their cause for as little as 1p per mile, which is just £30 of your money which will go towards the £60,000 sponsorship target they’re aiming for.

However, at the moment it appear that another rowing team is attempting the Canary Islands to Barcelona row with a team in the Atlantic Allum cup 2011 Woodvale Challenge travelling from the island of La Gomera to Barcelona. Though, they haven’t had as much success as Team Hallin and it seems that they are currently stuck in Puerto de Morgan in Gran Canaria after a 20 knots wind delayed them at the beginning and meant they couldn’t set off. They are also trying to break the same 33 days record that Team Hallin are aiming for, and if they succeed they will have another achievement under their belt as one of the rowers, Nabil Al Busaidy, would become the first Arab to row across an ocean.

The race to cross the ocean has now gotten even more intense and we’ll definitely we watching out to see which team makes it there first. If Team Hallin finish on or before February 5th they will have broke the record, and if they don’t succeed in this the Britannia III needs to complete the journey by the 28th of February to claim the record- however, they do need to actually get the boat out of the moor first!

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