If you’re holidaying in Tenerife this year and fancy hiring a car to take in all the rich surroundings and beautiful landscapes, you will have to be aware of the latest changes that have come into force in the past week.

A new speed limit of 110 km/h on motorways and dual carriageways has now been enforced as part of a new initiative to cut down on the national bill for crude oil. Plans to make cutbacks were formally passed by Parliament only last week in response to soaring oil prices which have been a result of the disturbances in Libya. Not only that but because Libya provides over 13 per cent of all Spanish oil, the longer the unrest goes on, people will continue to pay over the odds for their fuel.

Authorities say the switch over has been a smooth transition and that drivers appreciate why they have had to make the changes and are abiding to the new rules. Workers had to work through the night to change every single speed sign on 10,000 kms of road. Speed cameras have also been adjusted to take the new speed limit into account, which will be enforced for the next four months. After this time the situation in both Tenerife and Libya will be reviewed to see if the new speed limits should remain in place. It is hoped that Libya will have resolved its current civil unrest and then the Islands speed limits will be able to return to normal.

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