It seems there’s an app for everything these days. You can check your stocks, bid on ebay, make a bet on a sports match, get addicted to Angry Birds and even play a game that lets you mime throwing your £200 iphone across the room to see how far it would go if you really did throw it. All of these are very entertaining and useful (not to mention expensive if you let go!) but now it seems that you can now have an app which helps you find the best sun spots in Tenerife!

The new Beach Locator app will pinpoint your location and give you information on where the nearest beaches to you are and even give you directions on how to get there. This is so much better than driving around with a satnav, which only works if you actually know where the beach is, and will help uncover hidden beauty spots in areas that people previously didn’t know about. This app, which you can download from the itunes store right now, has over 1000 beaches in its database and can be used in Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey and all of the Canary Islands- including the hot destination of Tenerife.

People who are off to Tenerife for the famous golfing culture needn’t miss out on the new apps either, because now with Golfshot you can get up to date GPS navigation for golf courses all over the world and upload your scores and statistics to compare with other players on the green! Playa de Las Americas golf course here we come!

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