We all love a good package holiday, because it takes out all the stress of planning that can sometimes remove all the fun from a holiday such as finding the right hotel, working out which plane you should book and trying to work out exactly how you’re going to get to the hotel from the airport once you actually land a country where the extent of your language skills are “Yes, this is a very nice fish”. ¬†Thompson is one of the UK’s most popular package holiday companies for taking the stress out of the family holiday, and now it seems they are extending all of their Tenerife offers!

For the first time ever, Thompson are offering three and four night trips to Tenerife as part of their flexible winter vacation offers and they’re also launching a collection of nine and twelve night stays in the sunny canary island country. They are also giving a lot of attention to some of the other canary island areas as well by introducing deals to Lanzarote and Gran Canaria as well as the trip to Tenerife, so you can enjoy this fabulous destination from three of the most popular island areas.

This new introduction is perfect for those travellers who love to take some time off of work in the winter months and escape to somewhere sunny, and because Tenerife is such a beautiful place to stay we’re honestly quite surprised they hadn’t introduced these deals sooner.

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