It seems that sailing across the Atlantic is the hip thing to do this year, and all the cool kids are doing it with Team Hallin set to dock in at the Bahamas tomorrow some time and then other rowing group attempting the same challenge should team Hallin fail. Now, there is another ship setting sail from the Canaries! This time, however, it’s a ship with a little bit of a difference.

An-Tiki is a water raft made entirely of water pipes and is sailed by Mr Anthony Smith, who is 84 years old and out to prove that “elderly people can do something interesting” and also to prove that you can, in fact, navigate and steer a raft. He is sailing with three other crew members and they hope to sail from La Gomera to the Island of Eleuthera where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 on his Atlantic voyage. The crew on the An-Tiki will have their vessel powered by solar power and they have a small deck house with two bunk beds, a small library and a cooking space.

For drinking water they will collect rain water and sea water and make it into fresh water so that it is safe to drink as a reminder that all the money they raise from this attempt will go to WaterAid, which provides safe drinking water to third world countries. However, rather than attempting any world records the crew have estimated that their trip should take them roughly 70 days!

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