Over the new year period 53 year old Gary Wainwright was enjoying a holiday break in Tenerife with a group of 26 friends and family when an unknown man wielding a 3 foot samurai sword burst into the bar area. Heroically, Gary tried to fend off the attacker and protect everyone else by using a chair to try and bar the swordsman from entering. The result was that everyone in the bar was safe and protected because of his selfless act, but in the process Gary ended up losing a lot of blood and needed 178 stitches in his arm and will potentially need plastic surgery.

Medics told him that he was lucky he hadn’t bled to death and he is now back in the UK awaiting treatment at the Northern General Hospital. He revealed that “I am having plastic surgery – but they want to undo the work that was done in Tenerife and start again, so I am going to be like this for some time to come.” In the coming weeks he will be contacted by Tenerife officials to see if he needs to return to the country to go to a trial because now the police over there have caught the man responsible and are charging him with attempted murder. This was a shocking event to have happened in the usually quiet and peaceful playa paraiso resort and luckily Gary is recovering fine.

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