A pub landlord from Cwmbran in Wales is sending his wife, bar staff and some of his loyal customers on an all expenses paid holiday to the Playa de las Americas resort in Tenerife for a week this year for all their help during the recession, it has been revealed. Malcolm Gough, 57, runs The Halfway Hotel, with his wife Kim, 55 and bar staff Averil, 49, Michelle, 45 and Susan, 51 and to thank them for all the hard work they have done in his hotel and bar for the past year he is sending all of them, and three of their favourite customers Priscilla Thomas, 66, Coral Gibbs, 66 and Pat Hughes, 66 to Tenerife.

The couple owned the hotel for 12 years before retiring in 2001 and leasing it out to others to run, however when the recession hit they took it back over and ran it with the help of their friends. Mr Gough said: “We’ve all worked really hard and it’s gradually turned around now. We’re taking around four times more than we were last April. The girls have known for about six weeks, as they had to get passports sorted and stuff. Some of them haven’t been abroad before. It’s a one-off, but it’s a sign of appreciation.”

The gift has cost Mr Gough around £2000 and he has said he will be putting in the hours himself to work whilst they are away in the Playa de las Americas and he’ll also be giving extra shifts to the other bar staff to cover for them. I think it’s safe to say we’d all love a boss like Malcolm!

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