This news is apparently over two years old, but recently it has been brought to light again and when we read about it we all thought that it was very exciting sounding! Apparently, when Google launched their application Google Ocean as a follow up to the popular Google Earth in 2009 they noticed something very unusual when they looked at the area near the Canary Islands.

If you have Google Ocean on your computer look for coordinates: 31 15’15.53N 24 15’30.53W, and if you don’t have Google Ocean download it (it’s free) and look as well! You’ll see that there is a perfect rectangle shape in the Ocean just up from the island of Fuerteventura. Scientists at the time believed that this could be the lost city of Atlantis which sunk into the ocean in 9000BC after an unsuccessful attempt at claiming it by the Greeks. The town appears to be built on a grid design and scientists say that it must be manmade because of the neat structure of it and even if it isn’t Atlantis then it’s definitely something interesting and worth looking at.

Plato described Atlantis as an island that was “larger than Libya and Asia put together” and located in front of the Pillars of Hercules, near Gibraltar. He said Atlantis was a land of fabulous wealth, advanced civilisation and natural beauty destroyed by earthquakes and floods 9,000 years earlier. This means that the Canary Islands are is the ideal location for the city of Atlantis that Plato described. Interesting Stuff.

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