Carlos Alonso, the Cabildo’s current president, took a short visit to Santiago del Teide, so he could witness its existing condition. After his visit, he decided to re-surface and improve the TF-82 Road, which is set to connect Chio with the towns of Santiago del Teide and Tamaimo next year. The road’s poor condition has become a serious problem not only for the residents, but also for tourists in the area. Thus, this major project that is expected to cost about 480,000 euros is indeed a significant move, which is bound to improve transportation and tourism in Santiago del Teide. 

Alonso also Jonathan Martin Fumero, the local opposition CC councillor, that the Cabildo has other projects worth over a million euros for the next three years. These projects are all directed for the improvement of Santiago roads.

In 2015, the Cabildo will invest about 250,000 euros for the completion of the second phase of the road construction that connects the town of Tamaimo to Chio and Island Ring Road. In addition, a total of 300,000 euros is allotted for the improvement of connecting roads to Santiago del Teide’s coastal areas. This project is set to begin in 2016.

Fumero expressed his gratitude to Alonso for the dedication of the Cabildo to road improvements in Santiago del Teide. Aside from the implementation of several road works, there are other projects that will be initiated on the coast such as the Hondura viewpoint and Plaza Bouganvilla, in Los Gigantes.

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