When we think of a nice hot mug of coffee, we often think of it coming from places like Brazil or Peru, or for the more cheeky amongst us, Ireland. Spain is not really somewhere we associate with coffee, and cool pineapple drinks and cocktails seem to be more their forte, however from the 6th of January Spanish coffee has been available in our stores from Sea Island Coffee.

These coffee beans are grown in plantations in Agaete in Gran Canaria, which east of Tenerife when you look at the Canaries. This coffee is called Finca la corcovada (which, interestingly enough, seems to translate to “hunchbacked villa”) and is grown by the only European coffee grower in the industry, Juan Godoy, who says the new coffee has a fruity undertone which makes it delicious. This coffee is considered gourmet, so isn’t something you’ll find on the shelves in sainsbury’s, and will be available in specialist outlets as well as in Gran Canaria. This makes the coffee seem more exotic and true coffee lovers will like the exclusivity that the coffee offers to it’s drinkers.

So, if you’re taking a holiday to Tenerife this year, why not try getting on a boat across to Gran Canaria for a few days and try some of this delicious brew for yourself? It’s guaranteed to be a fun day out for everyone and sitting down with a cup of this luxury coffee will really brighten your day.

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