Those who have a thing for riding the waves will definitely want to head on down to the Fuerteventura wave classic at the Canary Island country of Fuerteventura from February 8th. The north coast of Fuerteventura is the perfect setting for wind surfing and because of the strong winds they encounter there it’s a gruelling challenge indeed for the 22 contestants who this year hail from 5 different country, including 5 of the riders who come from Fuerteventura itself!

“For this year we are lucky again and some of the best wave sailors in the world will attend the event, both men, women and a couple of young promises with a lot of talent. Big waves, down the line surfing in glassy waves, radical aerials, strong wind – everything can happen on the same day, ” says Orlando Lavandera, the organizer.

As per usual, the riders will judge themselves and each other, but this year the ranking has been altered to allow for a female and a male Fuerteventura wave classic champion. The event moves around different sections of the coast depending on the weather, and it’s a very mobile competition. The most popular spots for this event are usually the Glass beach, Rocky point, El Cotillo, Punta Blanca and Majanicho and the location for the event is chosen on the morning of it to ensure they know the conditions at the time rather than relying on predictions. It’s certainly worth turning up to watch these amazing riders in action.

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