Tenerife has seen an 8.6 per cent increase of British travellers visiting the island in the last few months of last year, that is 500,000 more than in 2009. This has been put down to the climate of the Canary Island all year round and the fact that more airports are offering direct flights.

Jet2.com has already announced that more flights will be organised to Spain’s top six destinations, with Tenerife being one of those named.
Plenty of holidaymakers see Tenerife as the sun star in the Spanish crown. Throughout the year it welcomes visitors from all over Europe who are keen to enjoy fun in the sun all year round.

It is the Spanish island that never sleeps and its popularity is ever rising. Jet2.com have also announced more flights will be departing from Leeds Bradford and Manchester, and holidaymakers are not the only people heading off to Tenerife, it has also been revealed that more film and television companies are heading there since the filming success of Hollywood blockbuster Clash of the Titans last year.

With miles after miles of extreme scenery such as the beaches along the Adeje coastline, the Teide National Park, the opera scene in Santa Cruz and the delightful mountainous area in the north, it is easy to see why several well known brands want to use its distinctive location this year.

Last year, Tenerife Tourism Corporation assisted a total of 89 national and international productions via the Tenerife film commission.
Since it was launched in 2000, the Tenerife Film Commission has supported 705 filming shoots and photo shoots , 97 of which were commissioned by UK companies.

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