Formas Magicas, one of the largest companies in Tenerife, launched a brand new excursion with that distinct edge above the rest. It was situated at the Auditorio Infanta Leonor, in Los Cristianos. This great attraction offers an authentic way for tourists to experience the mystery, adventure and excitement that Tenerife’s natural environment features. Throughout this exhilarating journey, everyone can get a chance to revel at the fascinating forms that depict the breathtaking landscapes of this enchanting island. Indeed, this latest excursion lets tourists use their imagination as they observe Tenerife’s remarkable rock formations.

In addition to these jaw-dropping landscapes, this attraction combines reality with fantasy, as there are various rock formations in animal shapes and mythical characters. Astounding figures will amaze tourists of all ages, specifically children who can see massive rocks in the form of dinosaurs, lions and fairy castles, to name a few.

Visitors can choose from two routes that lead to this newest excursion, which include Formas Magicas del Teide and Formas Magicas de Anaga. Both of these routes serve as your gateway to enjoy more that 30 awe-inspiring rock formations in the Regional and National Parks of Tenerife. Moreover, the attractions included in these routes come with a 3D presentation, which gives tourists a chance to interact with these. 

From April 2014 onwards, tourists can choose from all the products featured to give them a one-of-a-kind and thrilling excursion.

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