With its mixture of white, golden and rich black beaches, Tenerife really does have it all. Here are some of the ‘hotspots’ for tourists.

A big winner is the beach at Playa del Duque (Costa Adeje). Originally a black sandy beach, it was given a makeover in the nineties when white sand was brought in from the sea bed and deposited on top. It took three months to get the beach looking how they wanted but even though parts of the beach have been washed away, it is still one of the most popular beaches on the island because of its calm waters.

Another picturesque beach is the long stretch between Playa de Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas, which are both ‘family orientated’ resorts. Because of this, it does get busy but the atmosphere is fun and calming and never feels over – bearing.

Considered to be one of the best beaches in the south, the long stretch has excellent facilities boasting sun beds, showers, changing rooms and lockers. The palm trees on the promenade also offer a shady, peaceful retreat and really make the resort look the part.

El Bollullo (Puerto del la Cruz) is ideal if you want a peaceful, relaxing holiday well away from the bustling tourist areas of Playa de las Americas holidays. There is a single track road surrounded by banana plantations and attracts many of the locals because of its natural beauty.

You have to pass a cove and continue down steep steps in order to get to the beach but it’s well worth the effort when you see what is in store. A magnificent view reaching out all the way into the Atlantic Ocean has visitors and locals coming back year after year.

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