Obviously here at Tenerife Holidays we love Tenerife and want as many people as possible to go there for some well deserved relaxation in the sun or some fun in the party resorts, so when Ryanair announced this week that they’re planning to send out more flights to the Canary Islands. Michael Crawley went out to Santa Cruz in Tenerife this week to announce that they  are prepared to replace any airline company which abandon any routes to the Canaries and that they pledge to make sure their prices are cheaper and their capacity is bigger!

This follows after lots of rumours have been flying around lately (see what we did there?) about the Canary Islands government offering incentives to flight companies for 4 years if they increase their flights to the island and bring in more tourists. This means that, whatever the reasons Ryanair has for their extra flights, it will be easier than ever to get a transfer to the Canary Islands from the UK so more people can enjoy this amazing area.

The flights started on the 27th of January, this Thursday, and there have been new flight routes from Karlsruhe Baden in Germany, Zaragoza in Spain and Manchester in the UK available since then. In addition to these new routes to Tenerife, Ryanair will be introducing new flight paths from Manchester to Madrid, Alicante and Faro as of the 14th of April and tickets for these flights were released on the 27th as well.

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