At the moment a rowing team that includes four graduates from Durham university are aiming to break a world record for rowing by rowing from Tenerife to Barbados in under 30 days. The 3000 mile trip began on the 6th of January when Team Halin, a rowing team with 6 members, set off from the San Miguel marina in Tenerife in a 40 ft long trimaran. The team includes David Hosking MBE, Justin Johanneson, Naomi Hoogesteger, Chris Covey, Paddy Thomas and Jack Stonehouse and the aim is to complete the journey to Barbados by February 5th to break the current record of 33 days 7 hours and 30 minutes.

However, the team have already run into trouble when their female member, Naomi Hoogesteger, was burnt by a warning flare sent up by an approaching ship. The flare was white and this typically is a warning to change course and not come any closer, but the wind knocked the flare towards the boat. The team are working on a 2 hour shift basis where each person rows for 2 hours then has a 2 hour break before going back on. This means they’re rowing for roughly 12 hours each a day! To achieve this they are consuming 6000 calories of food a day and carrying half a tonne of food to keep this up.

Their progress can be charted on their website and with any luck, and no more misfired flares, they should break the record in the 32 days that they’re aiming for!

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