The southern portion of the Ring Road in Tenerife has experienced delays in construction because of an existing issue on state and regional funding for the project. Thus, this has resulted to the opening of one section between Adeje, as well as the postponement of one section of the road in Santiago del Teide. 

Locals expect that the closed section will soon be operational by January 2014, although it appears that June will be a more realistic month considering the issue on funds. Tenerife Cabildo decided to restructure its plans and prioritise the Southern section and the company aims to obtain an approval of the Government of Canary Islands.

The funding for the Vicacaro bridge and Bicho tunnel is to be redirected to the improvement of the Adeje-Santiago del Teide sections. Once the proposal is approved, the section is expected to reduce about 30 minutes off travels between these two areas through the Barranco de Erques. 

On the other hand, the road work on the northern route between Icod de Los Vinos and El Tanque will begin in March. This section is bound to minimise congestion in various urban areas found along the west coast of the Island. According to Jose Luis Delgado, the Director for Roads and Landscape, the completion of these projects should be regarded as one of national importance because of the positive impact it can bring to Tenerife.

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