In an exciting new storyline in the long running soap opera Coronation Street, character Kylie Turner- played by the lovely Paula Lane- will strike up a relationship with hunky David Platt when they run into each other on the sunny island of Tenerife! This will eventually lead to the pair getting engaged, it has been revealed, and although she has not seen the scripts yet, Paula excitedly revealed that her head strong character will very much be the driving force of the relationship. As the brash younger half sister of barmaid Becky McDonald we’d expect no less!

Tenerife is no stranger to Coronation Street storylines and in the few months that Kylie has been on the show she caused no end of problems before bribing her sister Becky into taking care of her baby for her so she was free to run away and live in sunny Tenerife for a while, and it seems that in the weeks leading up to the big relationship bombshell in the spring time, David Platt will be escaping to the sunny island for a bit of relaxation and recuperation.

It hasn’t been revealed whether or not the scenes will actually be filmed on location in Tenerife, but if they are before to look out for some of your favourite Corrie stars during the February months when filming begins for this explosive plot twist!

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