Latest figures have shown that the Canary Islands have enjoyed their best tourism month for fifteen years, with Tenerife being the most popular destination.
Tourism figures that have recently been made public by the regional Department of Tourism show that February saw the highest number of tourists and sun seekers that have been to the area for a long time.

Over 900,000 people visited the islands last month which is a huge leap of 22.4 per cent compared to the same month in 2010. Tenerife topped the tables with 332,694 visitors which is up 19 per cent, followed by Gran Canaria who saw a rise of 18.72 per cent in visitor numbers. However, it was Fuerteventura that had the highest individual increase where visitor numbers for February were 47 per cent higher than the same period last year.

Tourism chiefs believe their new initiative designed to engage with potential holiday makers through social networking sites has added to the popularity of the islands. Tenerife Tourism Corporation launched a Facebook page in January 2011 which received more than 1,000 fans in less than a month and has attracted more than 30,00 views so far. Another initiative that seems to be paying off for the tourism board is the Facebook competition that also offers people a free holiday. The Facebook campaign also allows people to post images, watch videos and ask questions to people in the know. There is now also a Twitter stream and YouTube channel that directs people to the Facebook page.

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