Previously Egypt was a top holiday destination for tourists because of the exotic history that it gave people and the sunny climate. However, airports have now reported that flights to the Canary Islands, in particular Lanzarote and Tenerife, have risen in demand over flights to Egypt. One of the major reasons for this is, of course, the large amount of civil unrest that is currently going on in the country of Egypt and a lot of airport companies are rising their prices accordingly.

It seems that as a result of less people travelling to the land of the Pharaohs the prices of tickets to the Canary islands have practically doubled, and if you want an Easyjet flight to Las Palmas over the February half term break you’re looking at almost £1500 for a return flight! However, the company are denying that the problems in Egypt have anything to do with the price rise, and claim that they raise their prices due to market demand, and with a 65% increase in demand for Canary Island holidays it seems they are set to go up a lot.

However, with any luck, the airlines will start to do their old trick of lowering the prices once they realise they can fill an entire plane with people wanting to go to Tenerife instead of flying one out that is half full. Because, of course, the more people that are on a plane statistically the cheaper the seats should be. So, fingers crossed!

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