Scottish born championship swimmer Kerry Buchan came back from a training holiday in Tenerife this week after honing her skills and pushing herself to the limit in some of the country’s best training pools. The 23 year old stopped out in the Canaries for two weeks focusing on her training and was focusing on her endurance swimming for the British Championships in Manchester next month which she then hopes will lead to her getting a spot in the World Championships with the rest of the British team later this year.

“Tenerife was a good camp. It is always good to get some long course training in a 50m pool because in Edinburgh at the moment we are only training in the short course (25m) pool,” She said in an interview when she arrived back home. “I was also doing some running and cycling to do something different. It’s always easier to do when the sun is shining!” This just goes to show that the beautiful island of Tenerife appeals to all kinds of people- not just holiday makers looking for some fun in the sun, but athletes who want a beautiful backdrop to train against!

However, not content with relaxing for a little while after her gruelling training session in Tenerife, less than 24 hours later Kerry was off to compete in the Edinburgh International meet where she won a gold in the 100m breast stroke and a silver in the 200m breast stroke which she claims are always her best events- so it looks like that time out training in Tenerife really paid off.

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