We always associate Tenerife with sun, sea and sand, and often our major reason for going there is so that we can avoid all the nasty weather over here in the UK and find a way of getting at least a bit of sun before we have to return to the good old British weather. However, it seems that since this weekend the sunny island of Tenerife, and indeed the rest of the seven Canary Island provinces, have been warned to expect a dramatic change in the weather this week.

This includes some bad rain and storms, plus some horrific winds which could in turn cause some pretty bad sea conditions including higher waves and vicious tidal waves. Most of Spain is supposed to experience these conditions too, which is a dramatic change from the affluent weather they’ve had recently. However, people on their way to Tenerife, or those who are currently there should thank their lucky stars that they’re not in La Rioja or Asturias as they have been forecast up to 6 inches of snow and gale force winds that will reach up to 80 kilometres per hour!

With any luck, however, Tenerife will be back to its sunny old self in no time, so there’s no need to panic if you’re planning to head out there this week. Although the weather can sometimes turn nasty there it never lasts too long so pack a jumper by all means, but make sure you have your bikini ready for when the sun comes back!

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