On the 30th of January a group of four gentlemen aged between 56 and 84 years old set off on a raft from the Canary Island area of La Gomera to sail to the Bahamas and raise over £50,000 for water aid- a charity which works to provide clean and safe water for third world communities. So far, despite initial criticism that it would be a dangerous voyage to make, the four man team has been going from strength to strength in the first two weeks of their voyage and they’ve even had the exciting chance to watch a school of dolphins swimming past them whilst they were eating.

They’re a lot more equipped than other rowing teams in the Atlantic, such as Team Hallin who recently broke the rowing record for the Canary Islands to the Bahamas, and they even have a bread making machine on their boat so they can enjoy the comfort of fresh food whenever they want to. They even have a sophisticated water purifying device so that they can safely drink sea water- and as part of their quest to raise money for Water Aid they have pledged to only drink their water this way to show that although some people are surrounded by water sometimes it isn’t safe to drink it without purification first.

Despite some initial problems with the rudders when they set off, the team is enjoying a very comfortable crossing on the Atlantic and have reported a nice smooth straight course in progress- they’ve even reported that they’ll all gotten over their sea sickness now!

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