Ok, we apologise now for the terrible pun in the title!

Spa treatments seem to be getting weirder and weirder as time goes on, from people being wrapped up in tinfoil to people being painted with mud and seaweed. However, it seems that spa treatments have moved up a notch on the “weirdness factor” with The Corallium Spa at the Lopesan Cota Meloneras resort in Gran Canaria offering guests the chance to relax in the Womb Room.

This room has been designed to “re-create the journey of life starting with where it all began” and is a very low lit room painted in reds and pinks filled with water beds. These water beds are supposed remind the user of the amniotic sac and pink and red markings on the carpet move around to simulate the umbilical cord. To top it all off, “breathy” music is played over speakers to mimic the noises that the baby will hear in the womb. Entry to this room is (of course) through a pink painted tunnel which simulates the– … gateway to birth.

The aim of this room is not to give people a re-birthing experience as you might imagine, but is actually a form of sleep therapy. Over 60% of adults suffer from insomnia or some other form of sleep deprivation and studies show that recreating a womb like state is actually one of the best ways to help you sleep because it relaxes you. Many people unwittingly do this at home by having a ticking clock in their bedroom and this is supposed to remind us of our mother’s heartbeat though many people do this subconsciously. This spa treatment is currently only available at this resort and is referred to as the “Zodiac Relax Room”.

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