Below you will find some of the questions people often contact us to ask. If you have a question that is not answered here please do not hesitate in contacting us here: Contact

Are you a travel agent?

Not as such no – we are an online travel deal provider. The way we work is that we compare millions of holidays from the UK’s top holiday providers to find you the best available price. Once you have found a holiday at a price you are happy with you book directly with the travel agent and they take thinsg from there. We find that this allows our staff to concentrate their efforts on getting you lower prices and allows the travel agent to answer any questions weher we are unable to help.

Can you help me amend my booking

Unfortunately we are unable to help with any booking you make as this will have been made via a third party. Any questions regarding a booking you have made should be fielded to your travel agent directly. This does not mean will ignore you if you need attention – we will always try to help where we can but your first port of contact should always be with the agent you booked with.

Where are you based?

Tenerife holidays are a Midland based company run out of a small office unit in the stunning Lickey Hills

Do you have any jobs available?

We are currently fully staffed however should this change at any point we will update this section of our website. Our staff love working here so we have a very low staff turnover – we are however growing all the time so it is worth checking in here from time to time in case we are recruiting.