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Delays in Improvements of the Tenerife Ring Road

The southern portion of the Ring Road in Tenerife has experienced delays in construction because of an existing issue on state and regional funding for the project. Thus, this has resulted to the opening of one section between Adeje, as well as the postponement of one section of the road in Santiago del Teide. 

Locals expect that the closed section will soon be operational by January 2014, although it appears that June will be a more realistic month considering the issue on funds. Tenerife Cabildo decided to restructure its plans and prioritise the Southern section and the company aims to obtain an approval of the Government of Canary Islands.

The funding for the Vicacaro bridge and Bicho tunnel is to be redirected to the improvement of the Adeje-Santiago del Teide sections. Once the proposal is approved, the section is expected to reduce about 30 minutes off travels between these two areas through the Barranco de Erques. 

On the other hand, the road work on the northern route between Icod de Los Vinos and El Tanque will begin in March. This section is bound to minimise congestion in various urban areas found along the west coast of the Island. According to Jose Luis Delgado, the Director for Roads and Landscape, the completion of these projects should be regarded as one of national importance because of the positive impact it can bring to Tenerife.

Christmas Events Planned by the Adeje Council

Christmas is in the air and the Adeje Council is eager to present its month-long events during Christmas, New Year and Kings’ Day. These activities feature a wide range of cultural, sporting and musical events that will appeal to people of all ages. 

Jose Miguel Rodrigues Fraga, Adeje Mayor, expressed his Christmas message and said that children serve as the best symbol of borough. He added that the borough serves as a place where all people are welcome and that different customs and beliefs complement each other for everyone’s benefit. The Mayor also stated his hopes that the different events planned this Christmas season would become precious moments where everyone can share their distinct cultures and understand each other to experience peace and harmony. He further thanked participating neighbourhood and resident associations that collaborated and extended their support for the development of the program of events this Christmas 2013.

The Christmas markets have already started in Las Torres, as well as the Nativity Scene inauguration by El Galeon Residents Association. The charming Nativity Scene is currently presented in the School of Music and Dance, in the Adeje Cultural Centre.

In January 2014, there are bound to be more concerts, nativity scenes, markets and sports events for everyone. Other most-awaited events include the street party on New Year’s Eve and the colourful parade on January 5, in celebration of the coming of the Three Kings. The parade will be held along the main street of the town.

The Local Development Department of the Adeje Council has licensed the Christmas markets and it also offers an extensive selection of seasonal produce to all visitors to promote local businesses. Other markets are scheduled to take place in the Plaza Cezar Manrique (December 13), CC El Mirador (December 15) and Plaza Salytein (December 20). Children are encouraged to bring their Christmas letters to Santa or the Three Kings and there are special collection points.

In addition, there are Christmas Cribs and Nativity Scenes that are on display in various locations. These remarkable pieces of art are made by several local groups who participate in these events. Lastly, another display is found in the Los Olivos parish, which was blessed on December 13, as well as in La Hoya, on December 21.

Improvement coming to Tenerife’s TF-82 Road

Carlos Alonso, the Cabildo’s current president, took a short visit to Santiago del Teide, so he could witness its existing condition. After his visit, he decided to re-surface and improve the TF-82 Road, which is set to connect Chio with the towns of Santiago del Teide and Tamaimo next year. The road’s poor condition has become a serious problem not only for the residents, but also for tourists in the area. Thus, this major project that is expected to cost about 480,000 euros is indeed a significant move, which is bound to improve transportation and tourism in Santiago del Teide. 

Alonso also Jonathan Martin Fumero, the local opposition CC councillor, that the Cabildo has other projects worth over a million euros for the next three years. These projects are all directed for the improvement of Santiago roads.

In 2015, the Cabildo will invest about 250,000 euros for the completion of the second phase of the road construction that connects the town of Tamaimo to Chio and Island Ring Road. In addition, a total of 300,000 euros is allotted for the improvement of connecting roads to Santiago del Teide’s coastal areas. This project is set to begin in 2016.

Fumero expressed his gratitude to Alonso for the dedication of the Cabildo to road improvements in Santiago del Teide. Aside from the implementation of several road works, there are other projects that will be initiated on the coast such as the Hondura viewpoint and Plaza Bouganvilla, in Los Gigantes.

Exciting New Attraction in Tenerife

Formas Magicas, one of the largest companies in Tenerife, launched a brand new excursion with that distinct edge above the rest. It was situated at the Auditorio Infanta Leonor, in Los Cristianos. This great attraction offers an authentic way for tourists to experience the mystery, adventure and excitement that Tenerife’s natural environment features. Throughout this exhilarating journey, everyone can get a chance to revel at the fascinating forms that depict the breathtaking landscapes of this enchanting island. Indeed, this latest excursion lets tourists use their imagination as they observe Tenerife’s remarkable rock formations.

In addition to these jaw-dropping landscapes, this attraction combines reality with fantasy, as there are various rock formations in animal shapes and mythical characters. Astounding figures will amaze tourists of all ages, specifically children who can see massive rocks in the form of dinosaurs, lions and fairy castles, to name a few.

Visitors can choose from two routes that lead to this newest excursion, which include Formas Magicas del Teide and Formas Magicas de Anaga. Both of these routes serve as your gateway to enjoy more that 30 awe-inspiring rock formations in the Regional and National Parks of Tenerife. Moreover, the attractions included in these routes come with a 3D presentation, which gives tourists a chance to interact with these. 

From April 2014 onwards, tourists can choose from all the products featured to give them a one-of-a-kind and thrilling excursion.

Clash of the titans 2 in Tenerife – the latest

The Clash of the Titans team will be in Tenerife in early May to begin filming the second part of the hit movie.

Filming will take place in the ochre agricultural terraces, fishing villages in the south of the Island as well as Tenerife’s glorious pine forests and lava fields. Tenerife proved to be a huge bonus for the producers of the film who couldn’t believe what the little Canary Island had to offer in terms of scenery and backdrop.

The island also benefited with a huge amount of revenue that many locals and Tenerife fans were extremely grateful for. The Vice President of Tourism, Jose Manuel Bermudez said that the first film was such a success for Tenerife because there were months of hard work invested by everyone and that was the main reason that Tenerife had been able to bring a major film production to the Island.

Turismo de Tenerife has announced that Warner Bros. Pictures will record the second part of the blockbuster in a five week period starting in May, with the entire cast including actors Sam Worthington and Rosamund Pike being present.

Canary production company, AIE, will co-produce the film and a Canary Island team of 150 professionals plus over 200 extras will be used.

The second part of Clash of the Titans will be a follow-on to the original which was one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, earning nearly $500million worldwide.

This new film will be directed by Jonathan Liebesman with actors Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike and Ralph Fiennes once again being the stars of the show.

Moscow Ballet visits Playa de las Americas

Ballet fans are set for a treat when the Moscow Ballet perform the Sleeping Beauty at the Magma Arts Centre near the Playa De Las Americas bus station.

Tickets have already gone on sale for the show, which will be held in one of the most modern and distinctive looking buildings Tenerife has to offer and tickets are priced at 35 euros with a ten euro saving for large party bookings.

Tenerife tourism chiefs have announced that they are keen to attract and promote culture and the arts on the Island and the return of the Moscow Ballet is a major boost for these plans and for locals. The Moscow Ballet perform in other countries such as; Belgium, Cyprus, Japan, Holland and the UK but Tenerife is one of the smallest countries that is able to attract the great show.

The ballet is in two acts of 60 minutes each with enchanting and distinctive choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. Sleeping Beauty is renowned as one of the most beautiful ballet scores of all time along with Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. The show is set to attract a large number of people of all ages to the romantic spectacle and is set to inspire and educate people about ballet as an art form.

The Moscow Ballet was founded in 1988 by distinguished Russian choreographer Victor Smirnov-Golanavo and is the outcome of the recent reforms in post-Soviet Russia.

Canary Islands have enjoyed their best tourism month for fifteen years!

Latest figures have shown that the Canary Islands have enjoyed their best tourism month for fifteen years, with Tenerife being the most popular destination.
Tourism figures that have recently been made public by the regional Department of Tourism show that February saw the highest number of tourists and sun seekers that have been to the area for a long time.

Over 900,000 people visited the islands last month which is a huge leap of 22.4 per cent compared to the same month in 2010. Tenerife topped the tables with 332,694 visitors which is up 19 per cent, followed by Gran Canaria who saw a rise of 18.72 per cent in visitor numbers. However, it was Fuerteventura that had the highest individual increase where visitor numbers for February were 47 per cent higher than the same period last year.

Tourism chiefs believe their new initiative designed to engage with potential holiday makers through social networking sites has added to the popularity of the islands. Tenerife Tourism Corporation launched a Facebook page in January 2011 which received more than 1,000 fans in less than a month and has attracted more than 30,00 views so far. Another initiative that seems to be paying off for the tourism board is the Facebook competition that also offers people a free holiday. The Facebook campaign also allows people to post images, watch videos and ask questions to people in the know. There is now also a Twitter stream and YouTube channel that directs people to the Facebook page.

Tenerife business raises money for Down Syndrome

A business in Los Cristianos has stepped in to raise money for the families of Down Syndrome children and young adults.

Dreamers, which is a pub and restaurant based on the south of the island, is holding a fund raising night on March 25 from 6pm. The pub is based in a beautiful sea front location and allows people to have a great night out, listen to good music and soak in the atmosphere by the golden beach and crystal clear waters. The event will see a resident DJ as well as comedian Buddy Graham and singers Elaine Alexander, Brad James, Simple Mo and Paul Stone perform. There will also be a pool competition, darts, raffle and bingo available for everyone to take part.

It is hoped the evening will be a success and will raise enough money to give to the association that will help Down Syndrome children in their daily activities as well as keep open their day centre and workshops. The association is currently struggling for funding and wants as many local businesses as possible to get on board and help keep the centre from closing. The pub is already a popular haunt for many tourists and it is set to be an even better night out now that there is to be a worthwhile cause needing help and support. People are being urged to pop down, even if it is just to donate, as the association needs all the help that it can get to keep the day centre and all the activities that the children take part in up and running.

A great cause so if you are on holiday in Los Cristianos on the 25th it would be great to see you down there.

Phase two improvements to the Wildlife Recovery Centre in Tenerife have now been completed.

Phase two improvements to the Wildlife Recovery Centre in Tenerife have now been completed.

Fauna Silvestre La Tahonilla in La Laguna cares for around two and a half thousand animals a year and has a vet, a technical assistant, three wildlife workers, operating room and recovery cages as well as breeding and birthing rooms. The environmental councillor Wladimir Rodriguez has also declared that the centre is the ‘best of its kind south of the Pyranees’.

The Wildlife Recovery Centre is part of the Tenerife Cabildo Biodiversity Plan for the conservation of island biodiversity. The plan provides care for wounded animals as well birds reptiles and mammals.

The new modern design of the large circular infinity cage allows birds in particular, to recover their strength more quickly.

The centre also cares for wounded and injured whales and sealife when they have been caught in nets brought in by fishermen.

The centre has an area of 1,800sq. m. Where all animals are taken to recover, be rehabilitated and eventually returned to the wild as soon as they are fit and healthy to do so.

Without the centre the amount of animals that would die because of ill health or being trapped by fishermen, residents and pleasure craft would be enormous, but now they have the chance to make a full recovery and will be nursed back to health in the best possible way. The birthing programme at the centre also means that there are healthy numbers of fit and healthy animals.

Mountain race for Tenerife with the Bluetrail organisation.

The Tenerife Bluetrail organisation has confirmed with just over a month to go that there is over three hundred people that have registered for the competition.

The trail, from sea to sky, is a mountain race that will cross the island on 16 April and will feature international, national and local athletes that compete at four varying levels of ability.

It is a big event for the island and allows people from different backgrounds to come together and enjoy sport on the island. It is also expected that more people wanting to take part will also increase as there are still two weeks which potential participants can register.

The most vigorous route of the competition is the Ultratrail, which is the longest route at 100km and runs from south to north of the island. The second and third hardest route is the Trail and the Mediatrail respectively.

There is also the Adapted trail which has been specially adapted for disabled athletes to take part.

All of the trails will eventually lead to La Orotava and the participants will experience firsthand some of the beautiful and diverse scenery that Tenerife has to offer.
The event is organised by Tenerife Cabildo’s Department of Environment and Sports and is alos in collaboration with Tourism of Tenerife, SINPROMI, Ideco and the Tenerife Mountaineering Federation.

There are still a few spaces left so if you fancy getting fit and healthy, taking in the great outdoors and experiencing the contrasting landscape of one of the best loved tourist islands, you can find out all you need to know from